Explore data from the Physician Payments Sunshine Act

The Physician Payments Sunshine Act requires the mandatory reporting of payments and other gifts to physicians and teaching hospitals by pharma, biotech, and medical device manufacturers that participate in US federal health care programs. This data is freely available from CMS and we have indexed ~4.2M records from the 2013 reporting year containing payment information to individual physicians and hospitals in order to simplify and encourage access to these data.

This includes ~2.6M records from the identifiable and ~1.6M records from the anonymous datasets.

Andrew Nguyen
Assistant Professor, Health Informatics

Point of Contact
Terence Parr
Professor, Computer Science
Former Director of MS in Analytics
Sample Queries:

"John Chan" searches the entire database for any records containing both "John" AND "Chan" in any column (capitalization DOES NOT matter)

For example, "John Watson Eli Lilly" matches a single query of Dr. John Watson where the submitter is the company Eli Lilly.